Congratulations to the winners!

First 3 places

1st Place:

Jury Statement: “Silvio's contribution is all about clean air - inside and outside of the vehicle. With great detail he dives into the problem of air pollution and provides trailheads to solutions. Silvio's contribution perfectly fits to BMW's commitment to the planet, the society and the driver at the same time. Congratulations to this outstanding work!”

2nd Place:

Jury Statement: “The rising sharing economy leaves both BMW and its customers with the need of clear and transparent damage mitigation. Sarkar's concise and clear description of the current shortcomings underline his pioneer spirit. That's why BMW would like to invite Sarkar to a joint workshop to discuss processes that are fair for all involved partys.”

3rd Place:

Jury Statement: “BMW firmly believes that hassle-free mobility should be available to everyone. As Emmanuel Maia points out, there is a major opportunity to support vision impaired people in their daily mobility with technical solutions. Attaching his own technical drawings of a possible solution, Emanuel Maia's contribution well deserves to be among the winners of this challenge.”

Places 4-10

4: Aadityha - Shareable EV Charger

5: Stephen F - Keeping the interior clean and safe

6: David Lee - Cyclist safety system

7: Janosch Krauss - Lange Fahrten & Schlafposition

8: dosimeter - Hunger Drive

9: MobilE-office – Julianelli

10: Michael James Felse - Cyclist safety Action

MVP1: Stephen F

MVP2 : Sarkar


1st  Place: 1 000 € + BMW workshop (incl. accommodation and travel expenses) in February 2020
2nd Place: 800 €    + BMW workshop (incl. accommodation and travel expenses) in February 2020
3rd  Place: 600 €
4th-10th Place: 100 €
MVPs*: 2 x 200€

The prize money can also be donated to a charity of your choice.

*The most valuable participants are those contributors, who deliver most qualitative input by submitting problems and needs, adding valuable comments and giving objective evaluations.