Evaluation & Selection

Evaluation Criteria

User evaluation criteria

  • Emotional relevance to you (as the reader)
  • International relevance
  • Willingness to pay for a solution
  • Do you feel affected by the problem?
  • Do you want the problem to be solved?
  • Do you think BMW is a suitable player to solve this problem for you?

Expert evaluation criteria

  • Solvability of the problem
  • Market potential
  • Quality of the contribution
  • Clarity of the problem definition
  • Relevant internal BMW expertise
  • Is it the right moment for a problem solution?


   Christian Lichtmannecker – Digital Strategy & Transformation Executive BMW Group

   Kai Petrick – Head of Open Innovation BMW Group

   Vinzenz Pfannenstein – Global Leader Development Program BMW Group

   Dominik Pietsch – Manager Product Strategy Mobilty Services BMW Group

   Dr. Manuel Schneider – Manager Business Model Innovation BMW Group

  Veronika Stadl-Brandl – Product Owner Crowd Innovation BMW Group